Karen & Faye

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Faye

Trainer Name: Karen


Sex: Mare



Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mustangfaye/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Trainer Bio:

"Strawberry roan Faye with a nice large eye learned to face me while in the trailer on the way home on pickup day. The first 15 minutes here she was eating hay from my hand. I have big plans for this girl to help enrich the life of her highest bidder by training her to pull a cart or wagon. Having tamed and trained over 40 mustangs starting in 1983 and using them for my main transportation in harness or under saddle, packing in the mountains, farm work and/or enlisting their help training new wild horses,  I have learned there is no better 'breed' of horse than the general disposition of the wild mustang. "


10 Trainer Updates

  1. Karen says:

    Faye is doing just fine. She isn’t really afraid of anything. I do like to get a rise out of them a little though, so they learn how to deal with an issue or show me what they will do in an issue. She has a brand new harness and then held the box the harness came in.

  2. Karen says:

    Trimmed her feet today and put the dental speculum in her mouth. In the future, no vet should demand the owner for the expense of sedation due to the use of the speculum to float her teeth.

  3. Karen Batt says:

    Faye is also being trained to tie out. If one needs to have a particular place of lawn mowed, it is good to have a horse ‘know the ropes’! ; )

  4. Karen Batt says:

    This short cut between two large objects didn’t even cause her to flinch. Very willing to go between two large objects for the first time.

  5. Karen Batt says:

    She knows how to straight stall and of course backs out just fine. The canopy is noisy when it rains or drops melting snow on it from the trees and never a flinch out of her. I of course clean around her hind feet with a shovel without any issues. Weeks ago I introduced her to loud plastic and it didn’t faze her a bit. Such a quiet horse except when we went to trainer day. She was pretty nervous, but after time she was fine and even though we fought the bit quite a bit with her getting it under her tongue, I was able to drive her up on to the makeshift bridge and stop her on it and such. She also jumped the little pole jump and once it hit her in the leg as it fell off and she did spook at that. Onward…she’ll make a great horse for someone wanting bomb proof.

  6. Karen Batt says:

    Faye is broke to ride, but also started under harness, travois and pack saddle. She has a very smooth lope.

    Fill out an application at the BLM and/or Teens and Oregon Mustangs booth and get your bids in on one of our fine horses.

    Donations are welcome and bidding is highly encouraged.

  7. Karen Batt says:

    While her coat is shedding, her roaning is starting to show. She also shows that she’ll be one of those reds that shine like a brand new copper penny.

  8. Karen Batt says:

    Faye is packing with large boxes, pulling a travois, been ridden and loping on the first day and more. Please ask to see videos at the expo. I am in hopes to have them on a small computer to enable viewing them at any time. I obviously can’t have her doing all of this at the same time at the expo. Lots of different tack is involved.

  9. Karen Batt says:

    We are at the expo in Albany. Faye has been calm and dependable. She has a solid foundation. She is not pushy, she minds her manners. We have no tricks or showmanship, but just an honest display of the basic respect she will need for a long safe relationship with her owner. She rides, drives, travois and packs with panniers or big metal boxes.

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