Sarah & Comanche

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Comanche

Trainer Name: Sarah


Sex: Gelding



Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

My goal is to show how unique and versatile these horses can be, and show their abilities to the world and to find Comanche that special person that will appreciate all that Mustangs have to offer.

2 Trainer Updates

  1. Sarah Kohler says:

    Comanche did awesome on his second trip to Mckiver horse park.
    Follow his page “Sarah and Comanche”

  2. Sarah Kohler says:

    My boy Comanche did Great at his first show last weekend!! We didn’t place first but, did a darn good with registered horses!!!
    He was a complete gentleman the entire time!! I was so proud!! Even with other horses freaking out, he stayed nice and calm and didn’t feed off the other horses!!!!

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