Sarah & Sterling Silver

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Sterling Silver

Trainer Name: Sarah

Age: Yealing

Sex: Mare



Facebook Page: Sterling Silver and Sarah

Trainer Bio:

My name is Sarah. I’ve ridden horses a lot, but this is my first time training one. My goal for this competition is to train Sterling Silver the best I can to ensures she receives the best home she can, one where she can be happy and healthy. Check out our FB page at Sterling Silver and Sarah.

One Trainer Update

  1. Sarah Holden says:

    We’re almost to the half way point of our challenge and I am so proud of how far Sterling Silver and I have come. We’ve really built a strong bond, learning from each other every day. Sterling is outstanding to lead/follow, trotting or running along side of me no matter which way I turn or how fast. Her ground manners continue to improve as we work on hooves, backing up, disengaging her front/hind quarters, lunging and more. I love this girl!

    New pictures are posted on our facebook page!

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