Delaney & Talulah

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Talulah

Trainer Name: Delaney


Sex: Mare



Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

Hi, my name is Delaney and I named my filly Talulah. My goals for Talulah are loading in a trailer, standing for her feet to be picked, doing haunch and forehand turns, and backing. Talulah’s attitude and willingness so far has been great. She wants to learn new things and is very curious about her new home.

4 Trainer Updates

  1. Delaney says:

    For more updates on my progress with Talulah follow my Facebook page-

  2. Delaney says:

    Talulah has been doing great in the amount of time that I have been training her. She is super sassy and loves to run around. She has come a long way since I have gotten her.

  3. Delaney says:

    Talulah has been progressing a lot lately. We have been really focusing on showmanship and she is started to get her turns. I’m very excited for the expo in March.

  4. Delaney says:

    Talulah and I are working harder than ever to prepare for the expo in a few weeks. She is coming along nicely and I think we will be ready.

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