Manaia & Rune

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Rune

Trainer Name: Manaia


Sex: Gelding



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Trainer Bio:

Hi, my name is Manaia, and my riding mustang’s name is Rune. I picked Rune up on December 14th and since then he has learned to pick up all feet, be scratched all over, saddle, halter, and is starting to lead. Rune will be up for adoption at the auction on March 26th, I think he would make a fantastic jumper or just an all-around horse!

5 Trainer Updates

  1. Manaia says:

    Rune has had his first few official rides and is doing very well. Today is Jan. 8th and he has also loaded into the trailer well! Hoping to get him down to our local indoor arena to really ride him and get him to move out. He much prefers bareback, but is okay under saddle as well. I had a big breakthrough with him on Friday the 6th, I could actually pick up his back feet, stand behind him, and walk all around him while petting him. So excited about this awesome horse. He may or may not be up for sale, have not decided yet!

  2. Manaia says:

    Rune now has had two actual rides and is doing just awesome. This week I plan to get him trotting under saddle in the big arena. I am so proud of this cool little horse. I may hop on him bareback in the arena at some point this week as well, pictures to come!

  3. Manaia says:

    Today Rune trotted under saddle for the first time! This seems like a pretty big breakthrough for him. I can confidently put my legs on him and just ride now. So proud of this awesome boy!

  4. Manaia says:

    Rune is coming along super well and I finally feel like we’re making real progress! I have ridden him on the road, through some flood water, and we have cantered! His stops are also coming together. He’s still worried about cars coming near him on the road but he’s a very controllable, safe horse altogether. My mom has actually decided to keep him as her trail horse because he is just so chill and friendly. Hard to tell he was wild just a few weeks ago!

  5. Manaia says:

    In the past month since the last update we have made leaps and bounds of progress. As it turns out, Rune is gaited! Explains why he has such a hard time going straight from walk-trot and canter-trot. Yesterday I went with a few others to a neat outdoor trail course and he was awesome!

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