Shauna & Teddy

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Teddy

Trainer Name: Shauna

Age: 3

Sex: Gelding

Color: Red

HMA: South Steens

Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

Hello, thank you for visiting Teddy’s page, my name is Shauna and Teddy is a 3 year old red dun gelding from the South Steens HMA. My goal with Teddy is to put a solid foundation on him focusing on groundwork and riding basics under saddle so that he is a pleasure to be around and to ride. Teddy has a friendly, can-do attitude and will be a phenomenal partner!

2 Trainer Updates

  1. Shauna says:

    Just over a month after pick up day, Teddy is beginning to figure out that life outside of the corrals is starting to look pretty good! We had a slow and rocky start; Teddy was very nervous and reactive at first and when he accidentally slipped off his halter, progress came to a screeching halt. With the generous help of a few experienced trainers, we got right back on track. It took a solid 3-4 weeks before he was consistently comfortable being approached and touched, but now that he has realized that I am more friend than enemy, he makes improvements every day. It has been fun to watch his personality start to show itself as he’s becoming more comfortable; he really is quite goofy! Lately he loves crunching on ice chunks from the water trough (I think he imagines they are popsicles) and licks the gate while he’s waiting for me to bring him in from turnout. What inspires me about Teddy is his quiet mind and unyielding patience; when we go to work everyday, he always gives me 110%, even when he’s being introduced to something new or scary. So far Teddy’s accomplishments include leading, trailer loading, tying, ground tying, longing, hobbling, grooming on both sides, and sacking out with plastic bag/stick and ropes. He is doing so well after his slow start that I’m confident it won’t be long before his first ride. Teddy also gets handled by my husband every now and then and shows that he is comfortable around men. Above all, through all of his ups and downs, Teddy has maintained the uncanny ability to figure out the right choice very quickly, he is incredibly smart. Please stay tuned and follow along on Teddy’s progress, and consider adding this handsome gelding to your herd!

  2. Shauna says:

    Hi all and thank you for following along on Teddy’s journey. Teddy is continuing to make progress every day in his own, quiet and steady way. More importantly, he is starting to “soften” and let his guard down when I’m with him, which is exciting and a huge improvement! He is becoming much less reactive about all that happens to him and beginning to think his way through situations too. These might seem like small advances, but for Teddy, they have been very encouraging to achieve. Continuous sacking out has paid off into introducing the saddle and pad; once saddled for the first time, he gave one hop and proceeded like it was no big deal! We have been working every day on saddling and prepping for his first ride, including wearing a snaffle bit, ground driving, putting weight in the stirrups, etc. Teddy will also give his feet willingly and will soon be getting his first trim from the farrier. We have also been practicing body control on the ground with preparation for showmanship; he is doing haunch and forehand turns, backing and leading (moving out) much better. I am really beginning to fall in love with him, he is a cool horse. Another fun Teddy fact: he stands over 15h tall and would easily wear a size 1 horse shoe, and he’s only 3! Stay tuned for more updates!

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