Alexis & Axel

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Axel

Trainer Name: Alexis


Sex: Gelding


HMA: Cold Springs

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Trainer Bio:

Axel is a very nice, level headed bay gelding from the Cold Springs HMA. He has already made a bunch of progress in just a week! My goal is for him to be a very good and solid, all around kid safe horse from the ground and under saddle. Whoever adopts Axel will be a very lucky person!

3 Trainer Updates

  1. Alexis says:

    Axel has made quite a bit of progress for me only having him for a week and a half. So far here’s a list of all the things he can do: he can lead, be haltered, be brushed and loved on all over, I can pick up and clean out his hooves, he’s been saddled, gone over tarps, eats grain, started the process of getting clipped, gone outside and taken on a tour all around the property, he can be caught after being turned loose in the arena, be blanketed, been socialized with other people and horses, walks over poles, backs up, desensitized to the thought of me jumping on him bareback, lunged, and the list goes on! He is going to make an outstanding horse!

  2. Alexis says:

    Man oh man has Axel made leaps and bounds of progress! He has now had just under 10 rides and is doing phenomenal! He’s a super easy and pleasant ride and is super soft and supple in the face. He knows how to do haunch turns and forehand turns both from the ground and under saddle. He is doing really well with showmanship and it comes so naturally to him! He has gained so much confidence and is much more comfortable around other people. Enough so that I have even let my friend ride him and work with him and he was totally comfortable with the whole process! For trail progress, he has gone over the bridge, poles, weaved through barrels, stood on large tires, walked through the tarp car wash, been ridden over tarps, and has been taken over multiple different types of tarps. He is turning into quite the well rounded and confident horse. I’m very happy with him and whoever gets the opportunity to adopt this horse will be a very lucky person!

  3. Alexis says:

    Axel is doing outstandingly! He has really started to understand collection while riding and is solid with his turns under saddle and on the ground. We have worked on trotting through L chutes, then backing through them, and sidepassing all around it. Axel went to OHSET with me last weekend and competed in showmanship. We placed 29 out of 47 in a VERY competitive group of kids and I didn’t know my pattern hahaha. He got a lot of experience working at the Salem fairgrounds for OHSET and calmed down fairly quickly after getting there. I’m very happy with all of his progress and am excited for the quickly approaching competition!

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