Anna & Ribbon

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Ribbon

Trainer Name: Anna

Age: 13 months

Sex: Mare

Color: Bay Pinto

HMA: South Steens

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Trainer Bio:

Hi, I’m Anna and my mustang, Ribbon is a 13 month old bay pinto filly from the south steens herd. She is a quick learner   and has a goofy but willing attitude. 


3 Trainer Updates

  1. Anna says:

    Ribbon is coming along very nicely! At this point we are working strictly on showmanship and footwork. She will stand in the open and let me pick up all four of her feet. She kicks on her back feet a couple times but she gets over it quick!! We are getting to the point where she will start to trot on a lead rope. I am able to lunge her (walk and trot controlled). Our favorite thing to do is work on walking over obstacles and desensitizing to “scary” things. I have got a small saddle on her just for fun. ( don’t worry I know I can’t ride her! 😉 ) We haven’t done any trailer loading yet but that will be our very next step!!
    Thanks for reading<3

  2. anna says:

    Hey there!
    ribbon has improved so much since our last update. She will stand completely still while I pick all four of her feet. Right now we are working on in hand trotting. The first day of this was about a week ago and she has caught on with no problem. Still working on perfecting it. she now will walk, trot, and lope on a line with the cues i taught her. we have been working alot with other horses in the arena and have been walking around the property.

    go friend @ribbonthemustang on facebook for frequent updates on our progress!!

  3. Anna says:

    with just 16 days until the expo, Ribbon is able to in hand walk, in hand trot, back up, load in a trailer, wears a blanket, stands for all 4 feet and grooming, walks over any obstacle, walks through water. she is wonderful with other horses!! She has come such a long way since I have got her!! she will be up for adoption at the 2017 NW horse fair and expo in Albany, Oregon March 26.

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