Manaia & Pax

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Pax

Trainer Name: Manaia


Sex: Mare



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Trainer Bio:

Hi, my name is Manaia and my little ‘mustang’s name is Pax. Since I picked this lovely filly up on December third, 2016, she has learned how to lead, pick up all feet, enjoy scratches, blanket, lunge, bow, and lay down. I have opted to keep this special little mustang, she is my first real wild horse project and I couldn’t be happier. My hope for her is dressage in the future!

3 Trainer Updates

  1. Manaia says:

    Today is Jan. 8th and Pax is coming along nicely. She still struggles with leading beside me but is getting better each day. She is one of the sweetest fillies I have ever met and I am absolutely thrilled for her future as an event or dressage horse.

  2. Manaia says:

    Recently, I took Pax down to our local arena and free lunged her since she had so much energy. She is extremely athletic and catty, and is a huge people pleaser. I also put a cone on her butt and she was not too sure about it! I also worked on bowing/laying down and she’s doing very well. I’m very excited to start this girl under saddle this summer!

  3. Manaia says:

    Pax and I went down to Ridgefield to do the WA State Horse Expo this past weekend and she was a rockstar! I am so surprised with how well she did in such a big atmosphere. She seemed to love being the center of attention! She also shared a stall with her twin Chex and they became instant friends!

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