Adrienne & Roscoe

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Roscoe

Trainer Name: Adrienne

Age: 3

Sex: Gelding

Color: Chestnut

HMA: Cold Springs

Facebook Page: @roscoethemustang

Trainer Bio:

Roscoe is a large, 3-year-old gelding from the Cold Springs HMA. He is my second “untouched” mustang and my first for competition. My goal for Roscoe is to give him a strong foundation in handling, ground work and basic riding so he will be able to go successfully in any direction. This big guy’s personality is sweet, kind, and inquisitive. Roscoe is a real American Warmblood type, with his draft and QH influence from the Cold Spring herds, and I think he will make a beautiful dressage, jumping, or sport horse. I’m looking forward to my 100 day journey with this beautiful horse. See more of our work together on his Facebook page: Roscoe the Mustang (@roscoethemustang).

4 Trainer Updates

  1. Adrienne says:

    Update: I’m getting ready to ride Roscoe. With Holidays and getting a cold we’re a little behind BUT, Roscoe has been turned out with my other 4 horses to pasture and is usually the first one at the barn wanting in at night (amazing how quick they domesticate!). He is easy to catch, loves coming up to people in the pasture, stands in the cross ties and loves being groomed (would prefer to have this done all day), takes his blanket easily, lets other people lead and catch him and is basically like any other domestic 3 year old. He loves playing all day with his buddies but is also good about his work time. He’s gone on a walk with me in the woods, leaving behind his buddies without a problem. He is turning into a sweet, gentle giant (and this boy is going to be BIG when he fills out).

  2. Adrienne says:

    Update 2: I got on Roscoe’s back in the roundpen on Saturday and had him led around with me up there. Did lots of on – off work and coming up to the mounting block (because he is too big for me to get up on from the ground – 15.2). On Sunday I rode him without being led and had a flagger helping me to get him moving. It went really well and I got walk, trot and canter out of him. On Monday, I rode him again at W,T,C in the roundpen in a bosal than I took him out for a trail ride at a nearby park! It was really busy with lots of traffic, horses and people and Roscoe was pretty excited. We did have a group of very nice ladies come up and cuddle with him and I was very pleased how he loved the attention and snuggled right back with them. After a little bit of a struggle getting on (because he was moving around and I was nervous with the horse trailers driving by), our trail ride went really well!! He’s super smooth and very brave – wanting to take the lead a number of times. He was quite fascinated with all the other horses and a couple times wanted to follow some different group LOL. Toward the end of the ride I got off and led him as we had to pass by a busy road and I didn’t want him to spook. As it was, he could care less. While leading I practiced having him trot beside me – it helped having my husband’s horse push a little from behind. Great day and great start for this big, gentle giant.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Update 3: Roscoe did his second trail ride today and it was a great one! We rode for over an hour at Whipple Creek and did lots of trotting and some cantering in as well. He was such a good boy and I basically rode him on the buckle most of the time. There were hikers, dogs, fog, scary trees and bridges and he did it all with no drama and only mild hesitation here and there. He’s such a sweet-tempered boy. I’m working on letting him free up his feet for forward movement and not interfering much at this point so he gains strength and balance. I see a lot more field trips in our future for the month of February!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Update 4: Roscoe has now been on three trail rides (with more planned) and been hauled, with buddies and by himself, to the big community covered arena up here in Clark County, WA! He is learning that it’s fun to be ridden. We are working on consistency of gait and understanding the aids. Roscoe is very much like any young, well behaved horse. He enjoys people, brushing and attention. He also has these skills very well developed: can be turned out in a group (both mares and geldings), easy to catch, respects electric fence, leads well, knows to stay back from his handler when asked, can have all 4 feet handled and trimmed, can be brushed everywhere, saddled and bridled easily, knows to stand at the mounting block while getting on, goes easily into the walk and trot when asked, whoa’s on a dime, stands tied for long periods, can tie next to other horses safely, eats out of a hay bag, easy to load trailers by himself or with others.

    We are still working on: clipper training, baths, cantering consistently and when asked, and better understanding of more complex aids.

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