Audrey & Wylie

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Wylie

Trainer Name: Audrey

Age: 3 Years Old

Sex: Gelding

Color: Sorrel

HMA: Three Fingers

Facebook Page: Wylie the Mustang

Trainer Bio:

My name is Audrey and I will be competing with my mustang “Wylie”. Wylie is a coming three year old, 14.3 hand, sorrel gelding from Three Fingers HMA. Wylie is very thoughtful, inquisitive, and a quick learner. My goal is to give Wylie a solid foundation, in groundwork and under saddle, for a future of being well broke and a reliable partner.



9 Trainer Updates

  1. Audrey says:

    My mother and I re-measured Wylie, and it turns out he is 15 hands.

  2. Audrey says:

    I have had Wylie now for 34 days and I have ridden him 12 times. I can blanket him, pick up all four of his feet, load and unload him from a trailer, deworm him, lunge him, do basic showmanship elements on the on and off side, ride him western and english at the walk, trot, and canter, back up, haunch turn, tie him, and clip him. I have taken him on his first trail ride at Elijah Bristow Park, ride him bareback, and have led and ridden him on, and through obstacles. We are currently working on side passing, learning to bow and lay down, and getting used to other people handling him. Wylie is extremely smart, a quick learner, and is very thoughtful. I am very lucky to have gotten such a wonderful horse for this competition. Wylie will be available for adoption during the live auction on March 25. Check out our Facebook page “Audrey and Wylie the Mustang”, which is linked above, for daily updates on our progress. You can also contact me through that Facebook page if you have any questions about Wylie or you would like to come see him in person. He really is an awesome horse!

  3. Audrey says:

    Last night Wylie had his 19th ride. He is doing phenomenal! I have ridden him bareback at the walk, trot, and canter. During our ride last night, I rode him bridleless at the walk and trot for the first time! He was amazing, he steered both ways, stopped and backed when I asked him to as if I had ridden him bridleless a million times. He is now bowing very well, I have stood on him back, slid off his rear, and mounted him from the mounting block. I am very excited to see what the remaining 69 days I have left with Wylie have in store for us. Wylie is such a cool mustang, and although it will be very difficult to see him go, I will be excited for him to find his next loving home.

  4. Audrey Ogan says:

    Wylie has now had 25 rides. We hauled him to ride in new arena for the first time yesterday and he was fantastic, we even got a flying lead change in each direction! I have desensitized him with bubble wrap, pool noodles, a tarp, a plastic bag, swung a rope off of him, carried a flag and pole-bending pole while on him, and ponied another horse off of him. I have ridden him without a bridle or halter, and done showmanship without a lead rope. I am very proud of how much we have accomplished! I will be competing with him in OHSET (Oregon High School Equestrian Team) in the showmanship and working pairs events for the first meet and then possibly in trail instead of showmanship at the second meet. I have had other people handle Wylie as well to build his trust in others. He is turning into a very cool horse!

  5. Audrey Ogan says:

    Over this past weekend, I took Wylie to the first Trainer Day af the Albany Expo Center to meet some of the other mustangs. He was really good! We did some showmanship, rode over some trail obstacles, and we also rode in the main arena where the competition will be held. Yesterday, he got his first bath and was ridden by a kid from our barn. It took a few minutes for him to get used to the water spraying him during his bath but then he relaxed and let me spray him while he was tied. He was absolutely phenomenal for the kid to rode him! She walked, trotted, and cantered him and he gave absolutely no fuss at all, doing everything she asked of him! Someone is going to be very lucky to own him!

  6. Audrey Ogan says:

    This weekend was my first OHSET meet. It was at the Oregon Horse Center. I took Wylie and competed with him in showmanship and working pairs. We ended up tying for 2nd place in showmanship out of 37 horses! I am very proud of Wylie. He handled the new, chaotic environment very well. We also participated in some fun games and watched break-away roping. Wylie didn’t mind the cows at all! At the next OHSET meet, I plan on competing with him in trail instead of showmanship.

  7. Audrey Ogan says:

    Wylie has been so well lately! He has learned to be much more collected and in frame in all of his gaits. We worked on a trail course with quite a few scary obstacles, all of which he handled quite well. Within the next week or so, we will be having some professional pictures taken! I will also be competing with him in a couple of shows. Wylie will be available for adoption on March 25. He is such an awesome horse with a solid foundation and great temperament. If you have any interest in Wylie please message ‘Audrey and “Wylie” the Mustang’ on Facebook, or email me at for more information about Wylie. I also greatly encourage you to come see Wylie in person and ride him!

  8. Audrey Ogan says:

    Wylie is learning to neck rein and ride in a curb bit! He is picking it up very quickly and I am very proud of him. This past weekend we competed in our first schooling show. Wylie won three 1sts and four 2nds! The first places were won in walk-trot-canter english pleasure, horsemanship, and walk-jog-lope western pleasure. We even won our 14-17 age division high point! Next weekend we will be competing in Albany at the buckskin open show.

  9. Audrey Ogan says:

    Wylie was great at the Gold Dollar Buckskin Open show. We showed in three trail classes, winning Junior trail. We also showed in a couple pleasure classes, in which Wylie was very relaxed and went right to work. We were competing against some very broke pleasure horse so we did not place very high, but Wylie was performing very well! He was very quiet and settled into the show routine very quickly. This is such a fun horse and I have high expectations for him. For the last couple weeks with him, I will be focusing on a lot more trail elements. He is going to make someone an awesome horse!

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