IIaria & Vespa

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Vespa

Trainer Name: IIaria

Age: 2 Years old

Sex: Mare



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Trainer Bio:

Hi! Everything is going well with my mustang, her name is Vespa.

“Vespa arrived at our barn 2 weeks ago and I am really happy with her.  I’m so impressed on how smart she is and watching her learning new things is amazing. We started working on our showmanship skills and we did some work in the round pin. My goal with her is, first of all, to make her a horse that anyone would trust. We’ll work on loading on the trailer, showmanship patterns, in hand trails, lounging and some fun tricks. She has been so great and I can’t wait to make more progresses with her.”


3 Trainer Updates

  1. Ilaria Palermo says:

    Vespa is doing great. A month ago I finally got to know where Vespa is from: she was born wild in the Stinkingwater HMA and was gathered in September.
    I’ve trailered her to a bunch of places. She came with me to OHSET practice a couple of times and she did awesome, she was really calm. Her lounging is becoming really good and she is starting to recognise more voice commands (her “whoa” is really good). Our showmanship is getting better every day and it’s one of the main things I’m currently working on with her. She recently learned how to side pass and I’m really impressed on how good she is doing on that! She is growing every day and she is already pretty big; I’m sure she’ll get even bigger!! She is starting to look like a grown up horse.
    She picks up all of her feet and a ferrier already worked on them. I’m so excited for the remaining month we have together and for the challenge in March. She’ll be available at the auction on the 25th of March at the Mustang Adoption Challenge and I hope she’ll find a lovely home! <3

  2. Ilaria Palermo says:

    I just measured Vespa and she is 13.3 hands tall! 🙂

  3. Ilaria Palermo says:

    I showed Vespa at my last OHSET meet in showmanship and she did great. We are really improving and I hope we will improve more before the challenge. At the meet she was so quiet and sweet. She was calm even with a bunch of other horses , noises, speakers, music… She is a cute little mare and her future owner is gonna be so lucky to have her <3

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