Madison & Leo

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Leo

Trainer Name: Madison

Age: 3 years

Sex: Gelding

Color: Bay

HMA: Three Fingers

Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

Hi I’m Madison! This is my horse Leo, and we are so excited to show you what we’ve got at the Mustang Adoption Challenge at the Northwest Horse Expo! Hope to see you there!

6 Trainer Updates

  1. Madison Feller says:

    Leo and I have made a lot of progress in the past eight weeks! It had been quite the experience. So far, we can do forehand turns, haunch turns, backing from a distance and up close and can lunge at the walk, trot and canter. Leo is also great with standing tied while I groom, saddle, unsaddle, blanket, pick up his feet and clip him. He loves attention, and will beg you to pet his soft head. He is definitely a love bug! Not only is he adorable, he is also very quiet and doesn’t seem to mind much anymore. We’ve worked very hard, and I see my efforts paying off. This week, I plan to ride him for the first time. I am confident that he will do amazing, and will become a safe, dependable horse in no time! -Madison

  2. Madison Feller says:

    The day before yesterday, January 27th, I rode Leo for the first time. He did wonderful. My dad was my assistant, and we got him to turn, yield his hindquarters, walk, trot and canter. We found a few holes in my training, but nothing that made the ride unbearable or extremely difficult. In case you were wondering, no, he did not buck. He was very calm once I swallowed my own nervousness and trusted him.

    Yesterday, I rode him a second time, and he improved quite a bit since the day before. His flexing was amazingly more soft than the first ride, and we got him cantering a little easier. We also worked on resting him in the middle, and getting him used to comfortably moving with me on him.

    Today I rode him a third time. After warming him up on the ground, I got on, and practiced moving him around on a loose rein in the arena. We practiced one rein stops and keeping a consistent gait. He also showed much improvement with responding to my leg and voice cues. I’m very proud of my boy and our progress! -Madison

  3. Madison Feller says:

    Age: 3 Years Old
    Facebook Page:

  4. Madison Feller says:

    This weekend, I took Leo to his first schooling show. Originally, I was pretty nervous, but once I chilled myself out, I was ready to be Leo’s leader and partner. He fed off my confidence, and settled in nicely. We competed in halter and two showmanship classes. For his first show, he did outstanding! He stood quietly, was responsive, and turned out beautifully. We even placed 4th in halter! It was a very successful and encouraging experience. Next month, I plan on showing him in another schooling show to prep him for the Horse Fair and Expo. -Madison

  5. Madison Feller says:

    Today, Leo and I worked on perfecting our showmanship skills, and also on walking over a bridge of railroad ties, without stepping off. We accomplished both, and are continuing to become a seamless duo. It is still undecided as to whether he will be for sale or not, but if you are interested in buying him, please keep a lookout, because that information will be included in an update in the next week. If I decide to auction him off, I am extremely sure that whoever gets him will be satisfied with his training, and love him as much as I do! -Madison

  6. Madison Feller says:

    Today I brought Leo to his first lesson at my trainer’s arena. Initially, I was very nervous about bringing him, after all, when you bring your freshly tamed Mustang colt somewhere new, you’re not sure what to expect. However, My doubts were thwarted, and Leo did excellent! He snorted at everything at first, but in less than five minutes he just accepted everything and lowered his head. He took a deep breath and just let it happen. He did great. We backed through poles, weaved through cones, went through a tight space between two barrels and also went over a bridge. He did amazing. We also rode at the walk and trot and practised our turning, since it needed work. I’m very proud of him.

    Also, I am going to adopt Leo, so I will not be selling him. However, please, by all means, come to the expo and watch us compete! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these updates!


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