Teens and Oregon Mustangs Scholarships

Sarah Watson Memorial College Scholarship

Lynn & Roger Berg with Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson winner of the Roger and Lynn Berg Scholarship for Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Open to current or alumni trainers- high school seniors or currently college enrolled

 Through a very generous donations and fundraising we have created an annual Sarah Watson Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Teens and  Oregon Mustangs organization will award up to $1000 per student.  More than one student may be selected each year.

 Applicants are open for current and past Participant graduating Senior who plan to attend an accredited community college or another accredited college / university next year w. Applications deadline  is August 18, 2023.

The winner will be announced on September 3, 2023.

Pictured is Sarah Watson when she won our previous Roger & Lynn Berg Scholarship.



About Sarah Watson

Sarah was a “poster child” for the Teens program since the very beginning.  She was a fierce competitor, placing well with “Rookie”, 3rd with “Chance” (later named Sally) and even winning our program finale as Champion with her horse “Cisco”.

Sarah Watson 2012 Mustang Adoption Challenge In-Hand Grand Champion pictured with her mustang Cisco and Josh FitzGerald

She was a kind, sweet competitor as well as a loyal role model and friend to us all. After Sarah decided to no longer compete in the program she was just as committed by voluntarily training 3 different raffle horses and donating all of the expenses.  She cared deeply for her horses and treated everyone she met so well. Her smile is noticed by hundreds when they see her pictures on our banners and brochures.
Sarah was blessed with the MOST supportive and outstanding family.  Her parents Dan and Andrea Watson are incredible people and are a major donor to this scholarship.  
Sarah’s life was tragically ended much too early in a motorcycle accident.  We wanted to honor Sarah and everything she gave to our program by creating this college scholarship in her memory.  It is a wonderful way each year that we get to say thank you again to Sarah and help another fellow trainer chase after their life goals.