Where Are They Now?

Mustangs from previous years…

Leviticus | LeviTwo years ago I met the horse of my dreams Leviticus aka: Levi. He is like my dog. Following me into and through whatever I ask, this year he did Ohset competing in all the Inhand events, also we are doing 4h together where we compete in all performance events. Whenever I get a new training project in I use Levi as my “example” horse. He is the kind of horse, he knows when to be serious and he knows when it’s time to play ball in the arena. Through all the offers I’ve got from people for my horse, I wouldn’t trade him for the world!


CatoriIn 2011, Catori and I won the Teens and Oregon Mustangs challenge. I decided to keep her and she will now turn four years old in May. Currently, I show her in reining, western equitation, and working rancher in OHSET and western and trail classes in 4-H. I’ve taken her team penning, to parades, numerous trail rides, and on a family hunting trip where she helped pack out my first Oregon bull. I hope to go in the reining direction with her and I can’t wait for the many years to come.


RueRue is almost 2 years old now and is getting really big. I have gotten on her and ridden her around a few times but I am going to wait another year before I actually ride her. When I have gotten on her though she was an angel. Rue is a joy to have, she neighs good morning to me from her stall and when I call for her out in the pasture she always comes running up. Almost every evening she has to run around like crazy with her miniature pony friends before having to come into the barn for her dinner. I did take Rue to a trail show back in November and it was a great experience. I am excited to keep training this Mustang and keep helping her learn new things.


JasperJasper has had a great year with the Dix family. He and Gavin are competing in OHSET and doing well. Just had his first ride!