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About Teens and Oregon Mustangs

Founded in 2009 by Josh and Erica FitzGerald, Teens and Oregon Mustangs is committed to training wild horses and burros and finding them permanent homes. Our program began as a youth event with yearlings, but it has grown rapidly and now features six different divisions with mustangs and burros for trainers of all ages. Our trainers work closely with the animals to provide them with the training and care they need to become well-behaved, loving animals, ready for adoption. 

Our Approach

Teens and Oregon Mustangs, the event that captures the beauty and elegance of wild horses and burros through the patience and dedicated trainers. Our event provides these majestic animals with a safe and loving environment in which to thrive and become the perfect companion. Our trainers come from all over the country, bringing their unique skills and approach to create a symbiotic relationship between human and animal. Witness the competition designed to showcase the incredible progress made by talented trainers. And who knows, you might just bring home a wild animal you’ve seen transformed into a happy and trusting companion.

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Our Mission

Provide positive life-changing experiences for trainers of all ages through the development of leadership, horsemanship, and teamwork while educating the public about training and adoption of Oregon’s wild Mustangs.

Our Vision

By 2026, Teens and Oregon Mustangs will be recognized in the United States as a premier organization that improves the adoptability of Mustangs, develops trainers of all ages, and is critical to the healthy and sustainable management of America’s natural resources and preservation of western heritage.

Our Values

  • Trainer Development – Inspire life-long learning and develop confidence, responsibility, consistency and leadership.

  • Diversity – Encourage a variety of training techniques that showcase the Mustang’s trainability across various disciplines.

  • Successful Adoption – Strive to maintain our 100% adoption rate and value the hard work it takes to get there.

  • Training Toolbox – Provide ample opportunities and tools for trainers to overcome any training obstacles in their path.

  • Public Awareness – Educate the public about Mustang horses, heritage, and management and the related management of natural resources


Our Board

Erica FitzGerald, President & Founder

Rose Merten,


Heather Barnhart, Secretary

Pat FitzGerald, Treasurer

Anne Steinkamp

Josh FitzGerald

Susan FitzGerald

Maria Rauta

Steve Rauta

Billy Merten

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