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50% Total Score

In-Hand Divisions

This class is an in-hand test of horse control and of the handler’s ability to guide the horse safely through a series of obstacles. Emphasis is placed on safety, the horse’s manners and response to the handler, and the quality of the movement. A freestyle will begin after the completion of the final obstacle. 

Riding Divisions

In this class, trainers will ride their mustangs through obstacles and maneuvers.  Trainers are allowed to ride in the discipline of their choosing (Western, English or other). First portion of the class will be a ridden trail.  The second portion will be a ridden maneuvers class.  The rider will be able to chose from a list of maneuvers and perform them in whatever order they wish.  This will be the "freestyle" portion of their competition as each trainer may perform it differently.  If a trainer choses to not ride, they can still compete by going in-hand for both portions of the class but can only earn upto 50% of the total points available.   

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