Wild Mustang Training Challenge

The Competitions

 In-Hand youth 10 -18  years of age with their yearling mustangs will be competing in three categories; Body Conditioning,  Showmanship, and in-hand trail.

Teen Riding Division for youth 14 – 18 years of age with their 3-5 year old mustangs.

Burro Division for youth 10+ with their any age Burro

Youth In-Hand Division

Trainers Ages 10-14 years old, yearling mustangs

Body Conditioning – 20% of Score

Body Conditioning LineupBody Conditioning is judged on the overall condition of the Mustang. Horses are not faulted for conformation flaws, etc. Your mustang can be shown either with natural characteristics (feathers, long mane, etc) or clipped. Horses should be clean and well groomed. We use the Henneke Horse Body Conditioning score chart; ideal weight occurs between a 4 and 6 on the scale of 1-10. Youth will be given a score card on pick up day to give them an idea of where they need to get their Mustang.

Showmanship – 30% of Score

ShowmanshipShowmanship classes are not conformation, model, or grooming classes, although grooming is certainly part of the judging criteria. This is a performance class with emphasis to be placed on the exhibitor’s ability to showcase their progress with their yearling. The class was designed to permit competitive evaluation of an exhibitor’s ability to train, groom and present their mustang for inspection by a judge. This will require a combination of safety, close adherence to a few basic rules (4-H Rules apply) and a quiet, effective manner.

  In-Hand Trail – 50% of Score

In-hand TrailThis class is an in-hand test of horse control and of the handler’s ability to guide the horse safely through a series of obstacles. Emphasis is placed on safety, the horse’s manners and response to the handler, and the quality of the movement. The exhibitor should be poised, confident, and courteous and should display safe and quiet techniques in handling the horse. Handlers may be asked to move on at the judge’s discretion or after three refusals.

Teen/Adult In-Hand Division

Trainers Ages 15 years old and older, 2-3 year old mustangs

Body Conditioning – Same as Youth In-hand Class.

Showmanship – Same as Youth In-hand Class.

In-Hand Trail – Same as Youth In-hand Class.

*This division includes teen and adult trainers

Teen Riding Division

Trainers Ages 14-18 years old, 3-5 year old mustangs

Body Conditioning – Same as In-hand Class.

Showmanship – Same as In-hand Class.

In-Hand Trail – Same as In-hand Class. Riding portion score included in this section.

Riding Pattern – In this class, trainers will ride their mustangs through a set of pattern of maneuver. Trainer are allowed to ride in the discipline of choosing (Western, English or other). This will be a test of trainer’s ability to control the horse on a loose rein while skillfully completing each move smoothly. This will also highlight the horse’s ability to respond to the trainer and complete each move quietly without faults.

Burro Division

Trainers Ages 10 years old and over, Burros any age

Body Conditioning – 30% of Score – Same as In-hand Class.

Showmanship – No Showmanship Class

In-Hand Trail – 70% Score – Same as In-hand Class.

*This division includes teen and adult trainers