About Our Programs

Youth & Yearling Program

ShowmanshipOregon youth between the ages of 10-18 submit an application, to be selected into the Teens and Oregon Mustangs Program.  Teens are selected based on their answers to the application questions, letter of recommendation(s), and past equine experience. Applications are submitted to the board; selected teens will pick up their yearling mustangs at at a given location! The trainers selected for this year’s event will have 100 days to gentle, ground train, improve overall body condition, prepare for showmanship, and expose their yearling horses to trail obstacles before the conclusion of the event.  The final event will allow each trainer to showcase their Mustang’s progress and success at the event; where they will compete against one another for the title of Teens and Oregon Mustang Champion and a trophy saddle.

Adult Program

Teens and Oregon Mustangs Program sponsored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation. This year selected adults ages 18 and over will be given the chance to gentle and train a wild 3 to 5-year-old Mustang! Trainers are welcome to ground train their horses as well as saddle-break them. In the competition our Adult trainers will only compete in ground training events (no riding events).

For more about the competitions, go to:

Teens Competition

Adults Competition