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Adult & Mustang Competition

This is our first year with an adult competition; these are 3 year old horses that have only 98 days of training on them out of the wild. Adults & their mustangs will be competing in three categories; Body Conditioning, Showmanship and in-hand trail. Come see what they did in 98 days!!


Pickup Day

Trainer Selection Completed

2014 Trainer Applications Due

Application Deadline for Teen & Adult Trainer Selection! These must be received at FitzGerald Farms in Yamhill by the deadline.

The purpose of this competition is to showcase Oregon youth and the beauty, versatility, and trainability of these rugged horses that roam freely on public lands throughout the West. The mustangs are protected by the BLM under Federal law and periodically excess animals from the range are removed to ensure herd health and protect rangeland resources.  Thousands of these horses are then made available each year to the public for adoption.  The yearling mustangs in this program were gathered from Oregon herd management areas by the BLM.  The mustangs that are not being adopted by their trainer/trainer’s family will be available through an oral bidding auction at the final event showcase on August 23, 2014.  Horses will also be available for pre-bidding online throughout the 98-day competition at the Teens and Oregon Mustangs website.