Dita & Koda

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Koda

Trainer Name: Dita

Age: 1

Sex: Gelding


HMA: South Steens

Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

I’m Dita, and my mustang, Koda, is a fourteen month old South Steens gelding. My goal is to connect with my mustang and have him be calm and confident in new environments. He will be friendly and ready for his new home.

4 Trainer Updates

  1. Dita says:

    Here’s the link to our FaceBook page

  2. Dita says:

    Koda has been doing very well lately! He has been hauled, he can pick up all 4 feet and has been trimmed, led at a walk and trot on both sides, walk/trot/canter on command on a lunge line, and do forehand and haunch turns in both directions. I have thrown a tarp and saddle pad over his back as well! He has been around dogs, cats, other horses, and many people! He’s very friendly and loves attention!

  3. Dita says:

    Since the last update, Koda has been to new places, gone over obstacles, been clipped, and saddled! He is getting used to being sprayed with the hose, and getting a bath. Koda has had a saddle on several times and moved around with it in the walk/trot/canter and gone over low jumps with it. He has done cavaliti and gone over bridges, tarps, and other random objects. Koda can lunge in both directions in all gaits, and can do half circles. We have practiced basic showmanship, and he is catching on to trotting in-hand very quickly and does it right away when I ask. Koda is very brave and willing with new objects, and likes to please.

  4. Dita says:

    Koda has been getting better and better with standing tied! He is getting used to having the hose spray him, and loading and unloading from a trailer. We have been practicing showmanship, and he is improving each time! He takes dewormer like it’s a treat, and has had his feet trimmed twice. Koda has seen many different animals and has had cars, tractors, and 4-wheelers driven past him, and he doesn’t blink an eye. He has crossed bubble wrap, gone through pool noodles, and balloons, gone over bridges, and a bunch of other random objects!

    Here is a link to his YouTube video: https://youtu.be/YipGJ3Sle5g

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