Shannon & Fiona Pinot

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Fiona Pinot

Trainer Name: Shannon

Age: 2.5

Sex: Mare



Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

Hi! My name is Shannon and this is my horse Fiona’s Pinot. She is a tall, sweet, very good looking girl with an awesome attitude. We have started off on a wonderful foot and this little filly amazes me. She is extremely sweet and willing, and will do just about anything for a face rub 🙂 feel free to follow our story on facebook at

One Trainer Update

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi everyone! Pinot and I have been having a really fun time together. We have been taking things nice and slow partly due to this being my first time training, and also seeing that Pinot is a slow, but smart learner! She has 100% trust in me and realizes there is no danger with anything I do which makes it easy to introduce new things to her. She does have a “lead mare” mentality which comes out when I let her out to play with her stablemate Thunder! They had a blast in the snow and were enjoying kicking up their heels in the fluff. Yesterday I put the saddle on Pinot for her first time and she didn’t even flinch. She was fabulous about it all and seemed to not even realize she had one on! We are going over obstacles really quick and easy, she is very trusting which makes it easy. After about 3 days of repeating the same lesson she understands and then we are good from there. This filly makes my day every day and I am so lucky to have her!

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