Bakha & Echo

photo credit: Teens & Oregon Mustangs

Trainer & Mustang Data

Mustang Name: Echo

Trainer Name: Bakha


Sex: Mare



Facebook Page:

Trainer Bio:

My name is Bakha and this is mostly about my journey with Echo my yearling mustang. I’ve also been riding for eight years and so this is new for me and Echo. I’m hoping out of the 98 days that Echo and I will be a awesome trainer and an awesome yearling. My main goal is to have her completely gentled which she is pretty much gentled. Also for Echo I want her to be the best horse for somebody someday and I want her doing everything except the riding. 

3 Trainer Updates

  1. Bakha says:

    I will try to update regularly just wanted to give a little more info about Echo. She’s a very sassy filly but very smart. Please come and check out my page on Echo and her progress over the last 33 days.

  2. Bakha says:

    Hi, this is Bakha and I will try to update on a regular basis. Echo is a super sweet mustang filly. She’s super smart, learns fast and is the all around best horse out there. Please come and check out my facebook page.
    this is the link

  3. Bakha says:

    Hi everybody, this is a quick update about Echo. A couple of days ago I gave her a bath for the first time and she wasn’t used to it yet but she eventually got used to it. The main thing I’ll be working is showmanship and getting her to trot on command. We are having a bit of trouble but no worries. Bakha

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